Postdoctoral Base

With the approval of five departments including the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, our company was established as an enterprise post-doctoral research base in Liaoning Province.

Since 2004, while encouraging enterprises and institutions to set up national post-doctoral workstations, Liaoning Province has also established a post-doctoral scientific research base in enterprises and institutions, further expanding the radiation coverage of the post-doctoral system. Enterprises use post-doctoral workstations or bases as a carrier to recruit post-doctoral researchers, build a platform for industry-university-research cooperation, and promote the cultivation of high-level talents and the improvement of enterprises' independent innovation capabilities.

Liaoning Yinyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise post-doctoral innovation practice base in Liaoning Province, specializing in the research and development of three types of implant/interventional medical devices. According to the company's development needs, it is planned to recruit 1-2 previous doctoral candidates in 2018 to engage in post-doctoral research on vascular implants or interventional devices. We sincerely welcome all those who are interested in related post-doctoral research to call us. At the same time, we are eager to establish a long-term post-doctoral joint training cooperation relationship with our base at the Lian Postdoctoral Mobile Station. Contact: Human Resources Department, Tel 0411-87139108.