Bingo®Coronary Drug Delivery System

Product Description

Bingo®The coronary drug delivery system is a local drug delivery device based on a balloon catheter.
The paclitaxel drug carried on the surface of the balloon acts on the vascular wall of the stenosis during the expansion process.

The fat-soluble paclitaxel can be rapidly taken up by the vascular intimal tissue through cellular uptake and osmosis.
It can effectively prevent restenosis by blocking the early proliferation initiating factors.

A new realm of coronary stenosis treatment-intervention without implantation

  A new realm of coronary stenosis treatment-intervention without implantation

  A short drug release, long-term inhibition of vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation

  No polymer/no implant, reducing the inflammatory response of the vascular intima

  Reduce the risk of stent thrombosis

  Shorten the duration of dual antiplatelet therapy

  Provide new treatment options for bifurcation lesions, in-stent restenosis, small vessel diseases, etc.


Specification model

Bingo®Coronary Drug Delivery System(图1)

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Registration Message

Medical device name: drug-eluting balloon catheter (trade name: Qingzhou Bingo)
Medical device manufacturer name: Liaoning Yinyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Medical device registration certificate number: National Machinery Note 20173771535