Company Culture

Company Culture(图1)
Three concentric circles
It represents the concept of the integration of industry, university and research, and it also contains the artistic conception of shareholders, enterprises and employees sharing joys and sorrows to create the future together.
It is an abstract diagram of the heart, embryos and cells, and a symbol diagram for multi-dimensional interpretation of the high-tech life industry.
It is the gradual fusion of the blue sea and blue sky and the sunrise, full of hope and vitality, and symbolizes the cohesion and harmony of heaven, earth and people.
Yin Yi, great virtue, refinement.
YINYI is the intersection of one and one, which signifies that the company pursues the goal of technology first and quality first, and incubates first-class products with first-class technology.
Extended meaning
Sound 1: The same voice, the same dream, and the same pace can win victory.
Benevolence and righteousness: to create benevolence and righteous products, to become benevolence and justice.