2016 New Third Board Innovation Brand Value Top 100 List Announced

Xinhuanet Beijing Channel, September 20th (Tian Yu) Recently, the 11th Asian Branding Ceremony co-sponsored by Asian Brand Network, People's Daily Overseas Edition, Xinhuanet, etc. was held in Beijing. The authoritative list of China's new third board innovative brands-"the top 100 new third board innovative brand value rankings" was announced.
        "2016 New Third Board Innovation Brand Value Top 100" is the first new third board innovation brand value ranking list released by Asian Brand Network. Choosing the NEEQ corporate brand as the target for value ranking is to arouse investors' attention to the brand value of SMEs and help SMEs achieve better development. The "New Third Board" is a landmark reform of China's capital market, opening a new chapter for the construction of a multi-level capital market and expanding the financing channels for small, medium and micro enterprises. The rapid development of the NEEQ after the expansion of the country has fully demonstrated the huge development potential of the NEEQ. Currently, the number of companies listed on the NEEQ has exceeded 9,000.
        "2016 New Third Board Innovation Brand Value Top 100" by the Asian Brand Evaluation Center, the Asian Brand Research Institute, and the ABAS Expert Committee, conducted a large number of calculations on the multi-period excess return method introduced by the national standard in 67 industries in 19 categories. Through unremitting efforts, continuous revision of models, and finding more scientific evaluation methods, through professional data collection and professional technology research and development, the Asian Brand Valuation Center has formed its own unique scientific research system and scientific research results, which are more in line with the market conditions of Asian brands.
        According to the results of the evaluation, the total value of the top 100 brands is about 66 billion yuan, the maximum value is about 2.5 billion yuan, the smallest is 104 million yuan, and the average value is about 660 million yuan.
        Among them, there are 25 brands with an estimated value of more than 1 billion yuan. The top 5 corporate brands are Tiandi No.1, Jindalai, Linlong Co., Ltd., Zhuoyi Technology, and Guoyuan Technology, with values ​​of 2.490 billion yuan, 2.085 billion yuan, 1.769 billion yuan, 1.58 billion yuan, and 1.504 billion yuan. Yuan, a total of 14% of the brand value of the top 100 companies.
        China's modern brand economy has entered an era of value. Brand is not only a tool to promote product marketing, but also the most valuable asset of an enterprise. Brand value management should be used to enhance the value of the brand and the enterprise.
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