Radthrough®Contrast catheter

Product description

This product is used for radiological interventional diagnosis and treatment surgery, and is used to deliver contrast fluid to the designated position of the blood vessel. This product is a disposable medical device.


Excellent handling
Optimize the braid design to provide 1:1 torque transmission
Moderately increase the hardness of the catheter, easy to push in twisted blood vessels
Improved shape memory

Large cavity
Use stainless steel flat wire to reduce the wall thickness of the catheter
Satisfy the surgeon's general strength to inject the contrast agent flow rate and contrast effect
5F catheter inner diameter: 1.20 mm
6F catheter inner diameter: 1.41 mm

MUST left and right crown multifunctional catheter
Patented design based on the anatomical characteristics of the Chinese aorta and left and right coronary artery openings

Product number

Radthrough®Contrast catheter(图1)

Registration message

Medical device name: Contrast catheter
Medical device manufacturer name: Liaoning Yinyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Registration number: National Machinery Note 20173770723