Yinyi® Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Product description

The design of Yinyi® balloon dilatation catheter not only meets the flexibility and smoothness required for pre-dilation of stenotic lesions,
but also has the pressure and reliability required for post-expansion, providing more ideal options for interventional therapy.


Yinyi Balloon provides you with a more reasonable design for the needs of clinical use.
Yinyi® Balloon Dilatation Catheter(图1)


Product structure

Yinyi® Balloon Dilatation Catheter(图2)


Product number

Yinyi® Balloon Dilatation Catheter(图3)

Registration message

Medical device name: balloon dilatation catheter (trade name: Yin Yi)
Medical device manufacturer name: Liaoning Yinyi Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Medical device registration certificate number: National Machinery Note 20163770816